Wow!! Renault Clio

As you know how much i love Renault cars , today to tell you some details about these serious car Renault Clio

رينو كليو

flow of car is very amazing!

Renault Clio car inspired by the DeZir. Distinctive front end they are large, chrome headlamps to create a more expressive look.

Available with 5 doors, Renault Clio (length of 4.05 meters and a width of 1.72 m) sporty design. This new release of the Clio less than its predecessor, with wider tracks and wheels pushed out towards the outside. At the same time, the smallest gap between the wheels and wheel arches highlight the car’s power and personality, also carry a digital counter also will see pictures:

رينو كليو


Renault Laguna


RENAULT LAGUNA the passenger vehicle got a good overall rating in many car reviews websites for example in Parkers website the safety got 5 stars “Laguna was the first ever car to receive five stars for passenger safety in the Euro NCAP tests..” and a lot of reviews tell that it’s really comfort because the excellent design and it got 4 stars in average for comfort and driving performance was 3.5. 


Renault is one of the biggest passenger vehicles producers in the world. Renault is manufacturing such brands like Dacia, Nissan and Renault. Offers passenger vehicles, trucks, and sport cars. Ecology and environment protection are  Renualts  priority. We put great pressure on production of modern ecological cars like electric and hybrid vehicles. Find out more informations, find the closest Renault dealer and learn about our entire range of vehicles.

Designers say that on weekdays, the Frendzy is a vehicle that adapts to the requirements of the business user, with a large external screen that can display information or advertising messages, either whilst stationary or on the move.

Come the weekend, the car becomes a family vehicle, with a comfortable passenger seat and, in the rear, a big bench seat. Children can watch a film or play games on the touch-sensitive pad which slides out from the back of the driver’s seat. They can even draw on a special slate integrated into the sliding door.