Looking for an original design – Renault Captur

Renault Captur is a riding high crossover, which has all SUV styling cues. The front of the French car draws attention to the massive bumper and the elements clearly inspired by Renault Clio, like the rising shoulder line, original pad, characteristically profiled tailgate. I like it very much. I noticed, that the roof can be ordered in a different color than the body. You must admit, that it is a very nice option indeed. Anyway it has a wide range of customisation options for both the exterior and interior, so you ca easily personalize it.


Renault Captur

Renault Captur is very stylish and that’s why it seduces me with its impressive design.
Renault ensures that the Captur’s interior is similar to the minivans and this is not an idle boasting. Captur is a very comfortable car. You may enjoy its plentiful space (both front and rear) and thanks to a very large doors − it is really easy to take a seat, even if you are tall above average. It is also very practical − the upholstery is removable, what makes it easy to wash. The cabin also contains a lot of hiding places among which there is something unusual – a glove compartment in a drawer. Other things which don’t fit in the cabin, you may eventually put in the trunk, which is very large and capacious.

Athletic appearance and increased ground clearance confirms that Renault Captur will be able to perform well on unpaved trails. Plastic elements come in handy when we scratch the body, high ground clearance is usefull when we come across a high curb. During the ride we can appreciate the suspension which guarantees a good compromise between traction and comfort. Renault Captur guarantees a lot of pleasure and is definitely more comfortable than its competitors. It is also very frugal and its running costs are low. That’s why this car is so unique.