Renault builds VAN for… FIAT

We’ve heard some interesting news lately. Apparently Renault is going to build VAN for Italian brand FIAT. A few months ago Renault and FIAT have signed agreement on base which they will cooperate to build light delivery truck based on Renault platform. Fiat will design body so that it fit to FIAT Professional line.


This is very interesting move from both sides. We all know that Renault and Fiat already have VANs in their model range. Cars like Kangoo, Trafic or Master already have established position on market. Thing is that in time of economic crisis in the whole world companies must look for ways to save money and earn them in the same time. Collaboration of 2 car manufacturers let them share costs and minimalize risk of getting new product on the market.

What can come up from this for Renault fans? Who knew, maybe we will see new Renault Kangoo soon, or maybe Renault will present completely new VAN soon?