Bose System

Renault has been known for providing customers with the best offered motoring services. Bose shares that passion for excellence and collaborates with Renault from the earliest design stages to create custom-engineered sound systems for each model.


The bose system is an energy efficient series sound system that can be found in the following Renault models: Grand Scénic, Koleos, Laguna Coupe, Laguna Hatch, Laguna Sport Tourer, Latitude, Mégane Coupe, Mégane Sedan, Mégane Wagon and Scénic. The system consists of 9 high performance speakers: Two 2.5-cm neodymium tweeters in the instrument panel, two 13-cm High Motor Force neodymium woofers in the front doors, two 2.5-cm neodymium tweeters in the rear doors, two 13-cm neodymium speakers in the rear doors and one 11.5-cm High Motor Force neodymium woofer in a 6-litre custom-engineered bass enclosure under the right front seat. Its system electronics consists of a Bose Energy Efficient Series amplifier in the instrument panel with Bose Digital signal processing 7 channels of customized equalization.

The Scenic Bose Edition is not so much a car as a stereo system with a tire at each corner. The impressive volume is matched by the audio quality. Everything sounds rock solid, extremely detailed and immensely composed. All that Bose audio gadgetry also makes the Scenic Bose one hell of a speakerphone when you have your handset connected to it over Bluetooth.

bose audio renault


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