New Renault Megane cc 2014

megane cc 2014

It’s time for Renault to refresh Megane range. At first they showed new Megane RS and now we can look closer at new Megane cc.

It’s bigger, faster, better and it has new 7 inch R-Link tablet on a board.

I don’t know how about You, but I can’t wait to see it in action!


Renault Ondelios

If you have ever dreamt about a truly futuristic car, you may be very interested in this one. Renault created new model of crossover that looks like, and in fact is a promise of a new era in the world of vehicles. Ondelios is safe for the environment, looks astonishing with fluid, exclusively designed lines and amazing interior where every inch of space is used to provide you with the maximum of comfort. This car will blow your mind with all the luxurious soultions that Renault introduced it it. Get excited!Renault Ondelios